001_Addressing Drugs by PaRDeS ReConstitution

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Title: “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101”

Subtitle: (PaRDeS primevalism ~ treeseeding our original common-sense on the Bible’s Creation Story 1:1-2:3; World ReConstitution, from Crisis City to PaRaDiSe Earth)

Author: Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla.

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As we are creative, here and now, the universe reconstitutes.

001_Addressing Drugs by School Dialogue

Austin ISD, Travis County JJ

1 Dear Colleague:

Thanks for requesting suggestions on reducing the consumption of Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol, by way of school activities on the upcoming Red Ribbon Week.

You came to the right place, for education is the baton of culture in the race of civilization. What doesn’t get solved here, only gets worse out there; better still, if it’s done wrong here, it gets amplified in the field of greater society.

Teaching is learning, but let’s not confuse the many topics with the single issue. Topics might be drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, but the issue is what we understand by education.

Moreover, it’s not education that’s at issue, but rather understanding. Just like a building, it all starts off from a cornerstone; same here, reason has an original common-sense which lays the ground-work for understanding through language. The problem is that this original common-sense has somehow been corrupted by a virus of ordinary common nonsense.

Austin ISD would be right-brain dead if it didn’t listen to the sounds of the hallways.  If you feed junk-food to the mind, you get the urge for unhealthy substances.

Imho, the place to start is dialogue: we, here and everywhere, now and always.

2 Dear Colleague:

Glad to know that we agree that the starting point of a conversation is dialogue, but dialogue is not small talk. Rather, it goes back to the ancient Greeks with the Dialogues of Plato, where Exercise and Science and Philosophy would be taken up at the gymnasiums, as part of their daily discussions on matters of common interest to their city-state.

Education is half, part of the problem, and half, part of the solution. Education has to be held accountable for its role in the deplorable state of schools regarding substance abuse and dependence on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Let’s not be so charitable and forgiving, and start calling things by their real name, as we understand them, and not by something that it is not. We as educators should, to the best of our ability, try to solve the problem that our students face in schools.

The fear of making a mistake is so overpowering, that we end-up not trying anything at all, forfeiting taking risks and making creative leaps. We need to recognize that by suggesting school activities to our students, we’re combating topical effects, not addressing issuance causes.

Back then the ancient Greeks would look at the big-picture view of things, not like we today, parceling things, sweating the small stuff, and losing sight of the ball, the essence. I suppose I am old school, very old school, more like school of antiquity, and more precisely, the archaic, that preceded it.

Short-sighted remedies have been tried before, and all have failed. Isn’t it time to use a deep-search approach, to solve it once and for all? The whole, big-picture view of things, comprises the universe of discourse, the surroundings, and the system of interest.

This I try to make it my approach to the question that you opportunely place before the faculty of what activities to recommend in addressing the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in schools.

3 Dear Colleague:

To let you know my take on the matter at hand, in following our ancient and archaic heritage approach, is that our educational system is broken, precisely because we live in an alienated world, of which it is part. A broken education, a corrupt society, and a misguided culture, all go to make a crisis of civilization. But, on the other hand, we shouldn’t let a good crisis go to waste.

Education by itself cannot solve the problem, being the case that it, is its transmitter throughout culture, plain and simple; that’s the role of Education in society. Any activity, at best, is a palliative, solely mitigating its adverse effects; and at worse, it is a distraction, all the while allowing the problem to grow to emergency status. All this, needless to stress, cashes out as Crisis City, which is where we call home.

From our holistic, archaic approach, there can but one solution, that of wholeness. In a nutshell, our proposal is ReConstitution. Anything less than this, would eventually fall short of expectations.

This situation that we’re in is not essentially different from putting out an oil-rig fire that has gone out of control. By putting it out here, and then there, it all comes back to haunt us, and is a never-ending story. You have to use dynamite, so to speak, to put it all out, everywhere and at the same time. End of conversation.

Because we live in an interconnected world, you cannot solve anything, unless, and until, you solve everything. Half-way measures only delay the final outcome, and gives problems time to get worse, till we reach today’s crisis of civilization.

Once we’ve concluded that we cannot solve things piecemeal, because things overall are broken, corrupt, and misguided, we’ve made real progress. For there’s nothing worse to block headway, than living in a state of denial.

4 Dear Colleague:

Your fears are my fears. Civilization seems to be tearing at the seams, always and everywhere around us. There is substance abuse and dependence in every corner of our society.

But, back to the unique, holistic, and ultimate solution of ReConstitution. Now that we’ve settled that, no school activity will do the job. Kids just outgrow school age and move on to the greater adult society, which in turn refeeds our schools for coming years, when these kids, now adults, have children of their own. And the wheel keeps spinning, ever faster, and more threatening.

There are drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in kids, because there’s substance abuse in adults. Adults and kids are the same, other than age-phase difference. Like a conveyer belt at the airport, out goes one just to come out the other end as their children. How can one isolate kids from adults, in a real-life setting situation? Keeping them busy with activities, or locked-up in facilities, won’t solve things on the long run. Reconstitution is the only, permanent, whole, all-round solution to the problem of bewilderment in our midst.

But, then, how does one go about doing this ReConstitution? Well, reconstitute now, the way that things were constituted at time equal zero, at Creation. Creation is where the buck stops. Anything less than that won’t do. Simply as that.

5 Dear Colleague:

In order to clarify my last statement, which closed abruptly, allow me to explain by way of an example. Let’s take the case of the book by John Rawls, A Theory of Justice, on distributive justice of goods in a modern society. His book is based on the work of Kant, and ultimately, on the ideals of the Enlightenment Project. But, what can you do regarding the debunking critique of Nietzsche on Kant’s work, and its background context? Well, after Kant, arose others who followed in his footsteps with patches to his system, thereby shielding it from attacks, within reasonable doubt. In this sense, one could say that Neokantism, not Kant, is the foundation of Rawl’s work.

And the same could be said ages before with the Dialogues of Plato, Platonism, and later followers, who patched it up as Neoplatonism, to better withstand the breaches of time. But, though better equipped to meet the challenges than the original version, Neoplatonism still fell short of addressing the issue. Meanwhile, the beast keeps feeding on chaos, and growing ever stronger.

Well, today this strand of thought at patchwork seems to bypass the Modern to come up with Neomodernism. But Neomodernity is likewise doomed to failure, for it is founded in turn on things Modern that are flawed at their foundation. The dog chasing its own tail.

Somewhere down this line of thought was laid the foundations of Western Civilization. But then, the question would crop up, on what, in turn, is the West founded?

There has to be a zero starting-point where the buck stops. Which is it?

6 Dear Colleague:

If you’re serious about solving it, as you assure me you are, and go to the bottom of the issue, beyond topics and of prescribing palliatives, follow me up the path of Reconstitution. To make a long story, short, tackle both school substance abuse, alongside adult substance abuse.

But, before moving on, let’s take a few steps back in order to get a sense of orientation. The basis of critical thinking is knowing philosophy. And conversely, if you take philosophy out of the equation, you are inviting bad imaging by the false backdoor of substance abuse and dependence. The mind yearns for a spiritual high, if none is naturally provided, then the mind will take the low road of addiction.

Critical thinking, and its extension, inquiry, has its own rules. Just like English, Math, Social Studies, and Science, they all have their own rules of operation. Inquiry is no exception, it too has its rules.

An educational system that only stresses developing skills for success, devoid of character building, is what is ultimately responsible for pushing the kids off the edge and unto a loss of freedom.

Philosophy is the activity needed, to answer your question addressing drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in schools. Once this is answered with critical thinking, the next step up the ladder is inquiry.

That is, knowing what we understand by philosophy. Then, and only then, would we be entering the realm of a reconstitution of our broken, corrupt, and misguided world. In other words, only then would be climbing out of Crisis City and unto PaRaDiSe Earth.

7 Dear Colleague:

You ask me why I make such a fuzz about the crisis of civilization, that a quick explanation is warranted. I apologize for assuming too much on the part of my cherished colleagues, with whom I’ve spend the better part of a dozen years. I guess not everybody has a life-quest calling, bearing the burden of understanding the human condition, as I have. I will try to make up for such an omission on my part in the next few lines.

The crisis of civilization is so deep, extensive, and interconnected, that nothing can be fixed, unless and until, everything is. Which means that nothing short of a reconstitution will resolve it.

But, how reconstitute, moving forward? Simply, in image and likeness to the way that things were constituted to begin with, at Creation. And how so? You might be wondering. This question is addressed in my work, “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101”, just out on the Internet in a choice site. But knowing that the title, being necessarily cryptic, might not be sufficiently clear, I have added a subtitle that tries to fleshout its meaning. The subtitle goes like this: “PaRDeS primevalism ~ treeseeding our original common-sense on the Bible’s Creation Story 1:1-2:3; World ReConstitution, from Crisis City to PaRaDiSe Earth”.

If still, the meaning is not clear, then I invite you to stay tuned for a digest of my book.

8 Dear Colleague:

I hear what you’re saying, that it’s a cliff hanger. That it’s not fair on my part to just throw things out there, and leave you in the meantime without as much as an elevator pitch.

I will comply, since you ask for it, but I must warn you, that this short explanation may only whet your thirst to know more, instead of satiating it. In any case, my explanation of what I mean by Reconstitution, is, a PaRDeS ReConstitution.

Standing on one foot, by PaRDeS ReConstitution is meant the following. I would say that PaRDeS is, that the virtue of PaRDeS is that the whole is made up of a triad of parts, that these parts in turn go to make up an all, as do the sides and hypotenuse of a right triangle, or as the faces and rim of a coin.

There you have it, in a nutshell.

9 Dear Colleague:

You have a point, that my definition above just spells out what I understand by reconstitution. But, in that case, what is this PaRDeS, that is seemingly used to qualify ReConstitution? Is PaRDeS the same thing as ReConstitution, or, is it something different? If it’s the same, what purpose does redundancy serve, and if not, then, what is it, by itself, without ReConstitution?

My intention was originally to take it up in later episodes, but by the likes of things, you won’t let go of my leg till I define this keystone term of PaRDeS. So, then, I will introduce it herein, leaving till later a fuller explanation of it down the timeline. Recall, that the book, PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101, is precisely about PaRDeS; so, don’t expect me to be able to compress four-hundred pages into one paragraph.

That said, let me give you the bare bones, leaving till tomorrow’s episode what PaRDeS means, out there in the open fields of our lives. On second thought, I really can’t start by explaining what it means, for it would take up more than a few closing lines. Instead, what I’ll do, is tell what it is that I am searching for. That is, what end PaRDeS supposedly meets.

My quest is for the original common-sense, what was built into us, to make us what we are, Homo sapiens, human beings, at Creation. If I’m not mistaken, this matter was mentioned already, precisely at the very first installment of our dialogue. In any case, it won’t hurt to repeat it here in closing.

My thesis statement is that this original common-sense is PaRDeS. It is an acronym from the Hebrew language, supposedly meaning something like garden, somehow implicitly conveying the notion of PaRaDiSe.

This much will have to suffice for the moment, at least, till next time we reconnect: that PaRDeS is our original common-sense from daybreak.

10 Dear Colleague:

But, by way of ending this dialogue, and before parting, let’s move on to the Glossary of Terms, and take on a few scaffolding Definitions, leaving till later the keystone concept of PaRDeS.

What is Modernity? Modernity is the present-day worldview, which started with the book Principia, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, by Isaac Newton in the eighteenth century.

What is Neomodernity? Neomodernity is Modernity with its patches to make it fit.

What is Postmodernity? Supposedly it is a whole new generation of philosophies beyond Neomodernity.

Which are the candidate philosophies for taking the lead role of Postmodernity? This is where it gets tricky. Far-flung ideas have been the prime contenders, for no other reason than that it has to be different from the previous Neomodernity that it is trying to supersede.

Our candidate proposal for Postmodernity is PaRDeS ReConstitution.

We’ll take a whole of series podcast to talk about PaRDeS ReConstitution. For the moment suffice to know, that our proposal would supersede Neomodernity.

Farewell, until next time, when we’ll address what type of Reconstitution we are thinking about. PaRDeS ReConstitution. Farewell.

Yours truly, Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla,

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