004_ What is the secret of Jewish Survival?

004_ What is the secret of Jewish Survival?

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Title: “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101”

Subtitle: (PaRDeS primevalism ~ treeseeding our original common-sense on the Bible’s Creation Story 1:1-2:3; World ReConstitution, from Crisis City to PaRaDiSe Earth)

Author: Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla.

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Formats: In paperback and digital, in English and Spanish translation.

As we are creative, here and now, the universe reconstitutes.


Dear Jewish Learning Institute:

The reference to the main query of “What is the secret to Jewish survival?”, arises in an ongoing Jewish Learning Institute course entitled, Great Debates in Jewish History, imparted by the talented and innovative Chabad Rabbi Mendy Levertov, at the Austin Texas Dell JCC.

But, previous to the main query you ask the following two coupled questions in the textbook. On page 17, you ask: “What are the advantages/disadvantages of a system that relies on prophecy for legal rulings”, and “What are the advantages/disadvantages of a system that relies on reason to derive legal rulings from the Torah?”. My answer to your coupled question is enthusiasm, that is, my reply is second story to the options provided of prophecy and reason, since each has something to recommend it.

Continuing now to the main query, on page 23 of the same textbook, you inquire, “What is the secret of Jewish survival?” Now, regarding this question, the multiple options provided are: a) Antisemitism, b) Divine miracle, c) Torah observance, d) Jewish stubbornness, e) Jewish wisdom, and f) Diaspora. My reply to this second question, in consonance to the first one, would be g). That is, in keeping alive and well the Reception of the handed-down live-tradition, (Kabbalah), of primeval PaRDeS, the original common-sense.

IMHO, an argument for the sake of heaven, is that there can only be peace, Shalom, if we’re of one piece, PaRDeS.

Standing on one foot, allow me to explain what I mean by PaRDeS, of this unique primeval common-sense. This I will undertake by presenting a template of PaRDeS, the primeval common-sense, followed by three examples that illustrate the claim made, that in ordinary usage, Torah-engrossed Jews use this treeseed quite intuitively, without as much as seemingly being aware of it, by all accounts.

I arrived at the above conclusion, that there is a cornerstone of reason, this PaRDeS primeval common-sense, docked in the one Creation Story, in my work whose subtitle narrates the plot: title: “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101, and subtitle: (PaRDeS primevalism ~ treeseeding our original common-sense on the Bible’s Creation Story 1:1-2:3; World ReConstitution, from Crisis City to PaRaDiSe Earth)”.

My book is available at a popular website in paperback and digital formats, in both English and Spanish translation. More information at my website, www.pardesism.com, #RicTurullolsBon on Twitter, #RicTurullolsBon on Facebook.

So, then, with that out of the way, the narrative is that we all have a primeval PaRDeS, original common-sense, that is hard-wired in our hearts, as found encrypted in the Bible’s Creation Story, Bere’shith Genesis 1:1-2:3. The source-code is PaRDeS PaRaDiSe (פרדס): acronym standing for Peshat Plain (פשט), Rémez Remite (רמז), Derash Discover (דרש), and Sod Secret (סוד).

As science teacher and author, always striving to simplify, otherwise complex things, to my students to get the concept across, it is the case that I rely heavily on a user-friendly teaching device, the T-diagram. The “Seed of Life” T-diagram Model consists of a square, containing an ellipse, and inside it a right-triangle. The square represents the universe of discourse, the ellipse, the whole, and the right-triangle, the triad of parts, respectively. Intuitively I visualize this “Seed of Life” Model as a pecan from a tree, consisting of a husk, having a shell, containing a kernel inside.

Breaking it down into parts, the square would be background, the ellipse, would be the whole, and the right-triangle, would be the triad of parts. Furthermore, regarding the triad, its parts are related to each other as are the two sides and hypotenuse of a right-triangle, which is to say, that the two sides, being orthogonal, are independent, however, they are related, but second power, by way of the hypotenuse.

Or perhaps using a non-mathematical analogy would ease comprehension, we could likewise use the coin analogy. In this case we have that the coin, as whole, is made in turn out of two faces and a rim. As we all know, the two faces of the coin don’t touch, but, however, are connected, precisely by the rim.

An example closer to home should suffice to clear this key concept. We ourselves are PaRDeS! That is, we are, we are one whole, all the while we are a triad of parts, namely, body, mind, and spirit. That is, the body and the spirit don’t touch, however, they are connected, but second story, by way of the mind.

Now I will introduce and start displaying the T-diagrams, T for Triad, starting with the PaRDeS template. This key concept, PaRDeS, to be precise, is source-coded from the very first verse Bere’shith Genesis 1:1 of the Creation Story. PaRDeS, traditionally, is the hermeneutics of Biblical exegesis.

I will read the content of the T-diagram, but advise the listener to read it as well in the pdf herein, or at my website. The title reads: (PaRDeS…). The body of the text reads: (The virtue of things…). Below the body of text lies a square, with heading: (PaRDeS PaRaDiSe). Underneath and contained within, lies an ellipse with heading: (Sod…). Below it and centered, comes the right-triangle, as follows: on the vertical-side, the text (Derash…); on the horizontal-side, the text (Peshat…); on the hypotenuse, the text (Rémez…). Underneath it all, beneath the square, there’s a text that summarizes the relationships previously exhibited: in first place, in Hebrew, in second place, transliterated, and lastly, translated. The translated text reads (PaRaDiSe/Secret(Remite = Plain + i Discover).

By way of an example that illustrates the conspicuous usage by Jews presumably engrossed in the study of Torah, let’s start with the very words of the authors of the textbook, Great Debates in Jewish History, headed by R’s Mordechai Dinerman and Lawrence H. Schiffman, and I quote, Key Point 8, on page 23: “The survival of the Jews hinges on their attachment to Torah – the holistic system of the Written, Received, Derived, and Legislated”. This we now proceed to display in format modality, though it’s actually in square, ellipse, and right-triangle, what we encapsulate as Triad diagram, or T-diagram, for short.