002_PaRDeS, as primeval common-sense

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Title: “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101”

Subtitle: (PaRDeS primevalism ~ treeseeding our original common-sense on the Bible’s Creation Story 1:1-2:3; World ReConstitution, from Crisis City to PaRaDiSe Earth)

Author: Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla.

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As we are creative, here and now, the universe reconstitutes.

002_PaRDeS, as primeval common-sense

My claim is that PaRDeS is primeval common-sense, hence PaRDeSism would be the hermeneutics of Biblical exegesis for Reconstitution, based on that principle. Or conversely, if PaRDeS is the original common sense, then crisis is today’s quite ordinary common nonsense.

The Jews, as such, are never mentioned by that name in the Bible, I mean the Torah Teaching, as the five books of Moses. This word Jews appears much later, in post-biblical times, and then referring to the inhabitants of the kingdom of Judea, when the Promised land, Israel, had divided into the northern kingdom of Israel, with capital Samaria, and the southern kingdom Judea, with capital Jerusalem.

In any case, in the Torah Teaching, what is only mentioned is Beney Yisrael Children of Israel. Ben means son, and bat means daughter, so the masculine plural is Beney, or children, hence Beney Yisrael Children of Israel.

Since my work is limited in scope to the Creation Story, verses 1:1-2:3, neither Jews nor Beney Yisrael Children of Israel are actually mentioned. Rather, ’Avraham Abraham, the patriarch of the Beney Yisrael Children of Israel occurs much later, close to the end of the Parashah Section Noach Noah, 6:9-11:32, and more fully in Lech Lecha Go to yourself, 12:1-17:27.

My point of view of the Creation Story is that it is the seat of understanding. I would mention Beney Yisrael Children of Israel, not Jews, though in modern parlance, they stand for the same thing. But it is important to distinguish it, for Jews is more akin to Judaism, as religion, as an ism. Recall that ism, as system of belief is more of Greek construct, like in Platonism, Modernism, Realism, Idealism, you get the idea. But this notion of ism is quite alien to the spirit of the Torah Teaching, and this is my point.

The Torah Teaching is more about PaRDeS, about Creation, followed by humanity and about Beney Yisrael Children of Israel, and ultimately about the interaction of these two. Judaism as such is a later development, as is Zionism and the modern state of Israel.

I mention all this to dispel the notion that I am trying to proselytize in favor of Judaism. Let me be clear, I am not a scholar of Judaic studies, much less a rabbi, though I am a cryptic Jew, better known as Hispanic Jew or Latino Jew. By this later concept I mean that I descend from those Sephardic Jews in Spain back in 1492, who were made an offer they could not refuse: burn, banish, or convert.

My story of PaRDeSism is universal, humanist at its best. It is clearly linked to the Abrahamic religions, of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but for that matter, as well as to the non-Abrahamic religions, of Hinduism, Buddhism, and many more. But that is not my main focus of attention.

Some people advise me to take the Hebrew out from my narrative, that not everybody is fond of Jews. That this fact will play against people willing to read my book, PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101, and ultimately to join the PaRDeS primevalism cause-movement for ReConstitution.

What can I respond, should I use English, instead, a language that didn’t even exist a thousand years ago, much less at the dawn of civilization? Hebrew is the language of the Bible, and I had nothing to do with it. It is what it is, end of this conversation. I only take it from there and push it forward.

Translation is already interpretation, and that is precisely the problem. That the original message got corrupted along the way, and today it reaches us as mumbo jumbo, gibberish at best, and at worst, passing for the real thing. Hence the maze of the crisis of civilization with no apparent way out, only digging the hole ever deeper.

In closing, a comment of vast importance, be it mentioned in passing.

It is in the nature of the spoken word to jump all over the place. For a more orderly fashion of finding things, follow the written word.

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My book “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101” is meant to be systematic, as the written word lends itself.

My podcast, “PaRDeS, primeval common-sense, for ReConstitution”, on the other hand, is more temperamental.

Both written and spoken words can be found blended in the posts included in my webpage, www.pardesism.com on the internet.

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